The genre of the book is fantasy fiction, and it is apart of the Magic Tree House Merlin Mission Series. With Joyce Perrone, Keiichi Kondoh, Sarah Zhang, Kelly Kunik. They meet Kathleen, a selkie, who uses her magic to turn them into seals. Click the Build Printable button to create the review quiz. Summer of the Sea Serpent. Overall the book had an easy reading format and the author provided an additional notes about selky, Selky are seals who can take the human form. Sequential Easy First Hard First. Jack and Annie are off on another mythical mission at the request of Merlin the magician. S=topJS(); 3-5 N. Genre. The characters were interesting because they told all of the good things happening in … Setting This story takes place in time long ago. Settings. Luckily, they have a young sorcerer, Teddy, to help them. Start. Difficulty. document.write('