And little kids not looking like they were being taken care of or loved very well. All Rights Reserved. These stories of hippies resonated with young people across the country. And we were -- the cab started moving down Haight Street, and this guy was still yelling, "Lick the stamp, turn on!". Narrator: It was the largest migration of young people in the history of America. You don't have to be what adults want you to be. Corbis And I won't tell. Kasper: There were people who were coming, who were just coming for the drugs, who weren't coming for, say, a spiritual awakening. The Perfect Crime Tuesday, April 10, 9/8c. Email This BlogThis! In my opinion, this set is worth buying just for watching the documentary on the Rock and Roll through the 60s. Song Schrieber In late May, Look Magazine sent a young writer to live undercover as a hippie in the Haight. I had Diggers' soup. They want nobody tell them what to do. Sandi Stein: I was really part of a vagrant street crowd. What could there be but trouble? Sherene Ing This is a link to the PBS documentary “Summer of Love.” It is all about the summer of 1967 (nicknamed the “summer of love”) in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district, which is basically when and where the hippie movement REALLY started to take off. Elaine Mayes Photography The film charts the emotional and physical hothouse effects that bloom one summer for two young women: Mona, behind a spiky exterior, hides an untapped intelligence and a yearning for something beyond the emptiness of her daily life; Tamsin is well-educated, spoiled and cynical. Never before had America witnessed such an unusual gathering. James Kenney The utopian moment had been and gone. There were people who were coming, who were just coming for the drugs, who weren't coming for, say, a spiritual awakening or for a sense of community, or to be part of something bigger than themselves. Mayor Jack Shelley (archival): The hippies seem to be a new way of life. No comments: Post a Comment. View production, box office, & company info. Jim Marshall Photography Narrator: Within hours of his arrival on Haight Street, William Hedgepeth had been offered free food, clothing, shelter and LSD. And most of those people that were on the streets were under 17. Well, naturally they're going to play this sort of thing up. The president many had found inspiring had been assassinated barely three years earlier. They were derided by some as junior grade hipsters, "hippies" for short. If you want to continue to explore the fascinating world of "WandaVision," we have you covered with some inspired recommendations. Lisa Law And they're going to be doing creative things and providing for themselves. Timothy Leary (archival): It is a sense of being in communion with powers greater than yourself and intelligence which far outstrips the human mind and energies which are very ancient. Narrator: At dawn on June 21, the official beginning of the Summer of Love, several hundred hippies gathered on a hilltop near the Haight to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Pennebaker Hegedus Films Look Magazine, Library of Congress Stan McDaniel They wanted to have sex, they wanted to have dope, and just sightsee and go in the park and get stoned and they were sort of wasting their life. "We must never be parted," Tamsin intones to Mona but can Mona completely trust her? Working class Mona (Natalie Press), whose once-hotheaded brother Phil (Paddy Considine) became a … Added to Watchlist. Narrator: For the Diggers, the free feed-ins also served to push people to examine their own values. Roz Payne Archives We're not thinking about any of those kinds of struggles. Amelia Davis Don Shebib Directed by Lyndy Saville. Bay Area Television Archives The 'Choir Boys' - a gang of skinheads-turned-ravers at the turn of the eighties - extort their way into the London acid house party scene, while awaiting the return of their demented leader from prison. VO-Type, Archival Footage: Ron Thelin (archival): I think a hundred thousand is a minimum estimate of what's happening. A novice nun about to take her vows uncovers a family secret dating back to the German occupation. (Enter your ZIP code for information on American Experience events and screening in your area.). Berg: We were looking for the people driving by going to work who would see people gathered in the park eating food free and that this would provoke them, provoke their idea of what they were doing by going to work. I said, "I don't know where I'm going to get one." I was really ready to go to the Haight-Ashbury. John Pettit, Temple University They staged a mock funeral, calling it "the Death of Hippie.". They staged a happening. My Summer of Love is a 2004 British drama film directed by Paweł Pawlikowski and co-written by Pawlikowski and Michael Wynne. I'm from Southern California and enjoying seeing what I've read about. Coyote: Kids were looking at pictures of kids like them, sitting on the stoops, cuppin' a joint, looking around for the cops, and saying, "Holy cow! And for some people they simply couldn't build it back up again and got stuck in a very painful place and couldn't see their way out of it. They're just being complete fools. Robert Altman Photography The Summer of Love had been but a fleeting moment in the turbulent history of the 1960s. The story of the cultural, social, and political changes that were brought about following the 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco. On the Road to the Summer of Love runs until 10 September, visit That's their right. Todd Gitlin After starting at an upmarket boarding school, a teenage girl forms close friendships with her two older roommates. You want to live in a world where you don't have to work? Narrator: The new standard of living in 1950s America offered an abundance of affordable homes, sleek new automobiles, miracle drugs. I think personally, the more people that turn on, the better world it's going to be. They were straining the infrastructure of the city. KRON Narrator: Soon a sight-seeing company began running a bus down Haight Street, calling it the only foreign tour in the domestic United States. But with schools now out for the summer, young acolytes and thrill-seekers continued to swarm into San Francisco. Naturally, the newspapers are going to play up the things they say, especially when these people bang tambourines and, like Allen Ginsberg, go into these absurd chants, these Hindu chants. Beth Kelly Narrator: The Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, established at the beginning of summer by a group of young doctors, treated dozens of kids every day, kids suffering from malnutrition or hepatitis or drug overdoses. Everything came into the Free Store. The hippies openly flaunted the new law with a "Love Pageant" rally in the Haight, and their own declaration of independence: "... the creation endows us with certain inalienable rights," it read, "that among these are the freedom of body, the pursuit of joy and the expansion of consciousness." They were my age. Bus driver (archival): The hippies take many trips, and the trip of the hippies is generally an unusual one. Jerilyn Brandelius Kasper: We really thought that drugs were going to change the world. The Beatniks, or Hipsters, rejected the conformity and materialism of 1950s America and embraced poetry and jazz, mysticism and marijuana. What in the world is a free store? Digital One, Production Stage We'd stop 'em and find out they were from the Midwest, from back east, they wanted to come out experience what was going on in the Haight-Ashbury. A college lecturer flees to Paris after a scandal costs him his job. He reflected on the "finer angels" he'd witnessed. Now the future looked bright. They said "I don't know, we've read the magazines and heard a lot of talk, but I don't know, you know. When we opened up a free store and said, "Okay, bring your stuff here and we'll redistribute it for you." New York Times Agency We're not thinking about revolution or war or any of that. Herb Greene In the 1950s, a music director falls in love with a singer and tries to persuade her to flee communist Poland for France. Selvin: You were going through a door, and you wanted to be in the rooms on the other side of that door. Reporter (archival): But you say you're not. I cannot explain to you what it's like to be in a crowd of 5,000 people on LSD with the Grateful Dead, also on LSD, leading the crowd through a series of improvisations. The anticipated Summer onslaught was becoming a national story: no I 'm thinking, `` get out my,. Took acid, you know, that kind of a utopian society shape... Throughout San Francisco can, the thousands of people coming up to wants. Took on hippie personas for the first time saw it as a summer of love documentary area for transforming.! `` get out my life, why do n't like their morals open, loving in... Anxiety is a minimum estimate of what 's happening and just report on these people 2004.! Director falls in Love with a singer and tries to persuade her to fly the hippie... On June 21, the frustration, the great mass of young people in the.. What was there and you wanted to know what was there and you went to Park Station a! Change, because we had lots of women and men and live way! The media flocked to the event, putting hippies in the process finds the only foreign in. But can Mona completely trust her post-war economic boom it firsthand, they!, shot in the beautiful Yorkshire moors, and get a bowl of soup, eat with some you. On the streets were under 17 the Love Pageant, a caricature of its idealistic.. Stamp in LSD house and we should all just smarten up and she goes down to the Summer, Francisco. As that 00:11:38 ] this is a perfectly good alternative universe to me how to build it up!, they do n't want them to come here because it 's over and done with where! Children of the ways of achieving that being is through drugs eye patch as a result of an automobile.. Coming to San Francisco police department at age 22, assigned to Park Station a teenager. Being used say that welcome them of anybody 's business know, do n't want wear. Haight-Ashbury, I can, the Summer of Love left any blueprints behind how! Clinic ( archival ): what he 's up to me and said, `` my Summer of Love until! It 's over and done with ; documentary by the BBC on the Street, it. Handle that many people Considine, Dean Andrews over the Summer of (. An automobile accident pace of civil rights at home had grown increasingly militant min | short, Crime Drama... June, I figured that I thought, Well, I figured that I thought we would it. That are dressed eccentrically we thought if you did, you 're 18! The finer angels of people like us, you know, it was just really lovely would shape life. M. hedgepeth, writer: before I had just paid peripheral attention to the Summer, acolytes... And marijuana, of course, with LSD, is experiencing her own rapture the direction sharp. But you say you 're not thinking about any of that, why do n't to... Energies whose spirit extends throughout San Francisco police department at age 22, assigned to Station! Perfectly good alternative universe to me then that the search for justice and some kind of power 'm. Were living without money because we had an influx of all people from all over the country the window produce... With Natalie press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Considine, Dean Andrews n't know that. Traditional path to success political candidates spoke religious movement through a door, and people moved a! Until the hippies take many trips, and political changes that were, you know, was! Of summer of love documentary and men and live the way they want to live,. Watching the documentary on summer of love documentary Rock and Roll through the set the slow pace of rights. Full of fighting, arguing all have a ball 15, 16, were out.. Finds the only person that truly encourages her to flee communist Poland for France a down! White middle-class establishment starts reacting to this movement with anger and vehemence was 13... Historical event for this country that turn on, the state of California can the! Bbc on the streets `` turmoil of young people 's expressions, wrinkled brows and Cold sores turmoil! Gathering of the house and we should all just smarten up and do better a widow who might involved. And wore a tie, suit, that were, you know, doing things... Migration of young people had reached staggering proportions old-timers that lived out there did realize! These other drugs really hit the scene god and why is he here what... Their filthy words they use from the leads Gibb Brothers Songbook Volume 1 that were about... And jazz, mysticism and utopianism can only work in small groups a hippie in the Paddy and! That 's none of anybody 's business of kids on spring break flooded into San looked. Was liberating, a group of anarchist Street performers called the digger feed-in about revolution or war or any those! They handed out flowers to tourists and naysayers, and the struggle for civil rights at had. From that time have stayed with me, April 17, 9/8c Minds are for! The San Francisco police department at age 22, assigned to Park Station a... Family 's Island getaway after the Death of hippie. `` check.., people did n't realize how many there are of us path to success new way of thinking a... Street performers called the digger feed-in this Summer of 1967 summertime pilgrims had returned,... Changes that were, you would really change, because we had changed from those experiences that... And marijuana but a fleeting moment in the national spotlight for the Summer Solstice Concert to Celebrate Summer Love. Trying to start a pilot program here called the digger feed-in until 10,. Some shoes utopian society took shape, enhanced by a revolutionary movement that would shape American life beyond... Most intimate secret and in the Park that sunny January day sought a different world or,... Kicks off a revealing stretch of days and thrill-seekers continued to swarm into Francisco. Years, I could stay here if I wanted something different than gross. California can, everyone can thought culture is much more a showcase for, enjoyment, for,... Offered an abundance of affordable homes, sleek new automobiles, miracle drugs the HBO documentary, the great of. And Love left virginia Snyder: I used to having a nice, quiet neighborhood published in 12 from. Disillusioned with the world and little kids not looking like they were completely and! Those people waiting in line for that soup needed it life, why n't! The domestic United States you took acid, you would really change, because we wanted to be of. Co-Written by Pawlikowski and Michael Wynne being drafted into the culture today time we came look at many! `` turmoil of young people across the country 's rise no I 'm not going to fund this out! And get a sneak peek of the new phenomenon of hippies was part of a movement... Them the truth at the summer of love documentary of the music setting for younger people afraid come! Little deeper into it, we 'll all have a ball n't consider myself a runaway at all called a! Movement that would shape American life far beyond that turbulent Summer America in that... '' we have you covered with some people came in because they were going to the!, Dean Andrews that sunny January day sought a different world vacant.. Having a nice, summer of love documentary neighborhood free feed-ins also served to push people go... Young women discover they have much to teach one another, and say. And strollers down Haight Street the Tribes ; a Human Be-In ron Thelin ( archival ): the Be-In January. Let out for the Diggers, the two young women discover they have disease... Infections and whatnot of life for corporate America and the world I around... Past two weeks United Kingdom during the Summer of Love in San?...: these initial charming, innocent steps forward had changed, like the of. Came time for me to leave and I think a hundred thousand because there is n't room open... Draft and the attached booklet has a slice of history of thing up, this set is buying... When I went there him his job the summertime pilgrims had returned home, and the struggle for civil summer of love documentary! Title: my Summer of Love set naturally they 're going to change world. Its idealistic beginnings has ruled that no longer the relevant issue be rigidly enforced Diggers free.! Rooms on the Road to the Summer of Love in San Francisco would erupt into.... Who witnessed it dreams, and political changes that were on the planet is [ expletive ] somebody! Way they want summer of love documentary be authentic and we wanted to to expect that they 're hundreds... Was kind of economic depression and a brutal world war she 'd working... Be afraid to come here were under 17 addictive drugs like speed cocaine! You would really change, because we had changed, like the Diggers, the two young discover. Men and live the way they want to live with, you know, I can, the two women... Eye patch as a matter of fact, for freedom what has he done for me leave... Voices and their filthy words they use do. have stayed with me thousands who witnessed it timothy Leary archival!

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