My “greatest generation” mom stopped using wax for a reason – it has to be re-applied every so often and doesn’t really protect as much as it should. Agreed! Sounds like it didn’t hold up? 1 thing you have to do is let it dry for an extended period so it not tacky but otherwise easy to appt, no prep, no brush strokes. Colors & shades of each are should give everyone something they love & it is truly custom. It’s just so darn expensive, even if you’re thinning it down with water. Check out my recipes here! Find the best chalk paint for your needs with these 7 great brands on the market, selected based on features, value, quality, and ease of use. Never again. But the pinks, (one was inks and one was acrylic paint) became very hot, bubbled up and over the top of the plastic cups and eventually hardened! Annie Sloane website describes their paints as non-toxic. Use a good brush that is fine-bristled, blotted on a generous amount of paint and then smoothed it with the very tip of the bristles and there were no streaks. I haven’t tried either of these kinds, so this was really helpful. I used Serenity Blue in the Rustoleum and used the matte finish over the top. I just recently bought an entertainment center that I’m planning on painting with chalk paint! Will either be all purpose? HEY! I never knew you could use shoe polish like that! I’m soooo happy you did this comparison. You’re definitely right Ellen, the brush strokes were a bit more obvious with the Rust-Oleum. Thanks for your help. I had training in using Annie Sloan and also use Rust Oleum. Useful! Our ACE Hardware can make any color from the ROL white chalk paint from their many regular paint color choices which means ROL has MORE color choice than AS! Thanks for the tips! You can use polyacrylic as a sealer over chalkpaint. I have never used chalk paint before but I’ve seen may pieces done by others. I actually just bought the rustoleum chalk paint based on a previous post of yours & am in the process of using it on a Hoosier cabinet redo. OMG I haven’t tried making my own, but I totally want to! As a newbie who is about to embark into the world of chalk painting furniture, this was a huge help & great place to start! Rustoleum website (in Australia, at least, where I am) states "16% of the mixture consists of ingredient(s) of unknown acute toxicity". Love the rust-oleum paint just recently finished painting a bed and a dresser was very happy with the results . Distresses so nicely! I don’t think there’s a concern with it being next to a light bulb–it’s not like the high heat that comes off a fireplace or grill. That works really well too! I’m wondering why you painted against the grain on the table top? It is very helpful when trying to make a decision and some of this stuff is quite pricey. Here goes the first coat of paint. In my experience that stuff seals like the dickens and I would think it would protect the cabinets. Also, do you always use the wax on top of the chalk paint? I am currently in India, and here the Rustoleum chalk paint costs a little more than the Annie Sloan (due to some import duties etc). Easy peasy! I want to paint a varnished fireplace without sanding and the marble hearth – in your opinion is this likely to work? Any color you choose! My peach skin upholstery sofa looks now like a colorfull leather one! Let’s do this comparison! How do you distress using sandpaper, after using the rustoleum chalk paint? Spray : Product Overview ... Rust-Oleum® Universal® Hammered Spray Paint is a paint and primer in one that provides superior coverage and durability on any surface and at any angle—with the unmatched comfort of our patented trigger technology. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rust-Oleum Quart Exterior Gloss Marine White Paint 207001 at the best online prices at eBay! Jul 31, 2016 - Rustoleum Paint Mixing Chart For Different Colors - Yahoo Image Search Results Thank you . Thanks for sharing this experiment!, Retique It by Renaissance Chalk Finish Furniture Paint. I even made my own many times because I didn’t want to spend the money on AnnieSloan paints! Do I have to sand it and will the rust eventually come through? Great blog! And I sand and prep everything… I do this way to much to have bitten to many times by not prepping. I am going to paint it a gray color. Yes you can definitely use poly if you don’t have wax! Thank you! Any of those colors can be mixed! The tables turned out great! I’m looking for a true black paint and none of the chalk paint colors that I have seen come close to a true black. How interesting! Thank you so much for your post it was very helpful. That’s awesome Lisa, glad to hear it worked well for you!! Can u say that chalk paint on dining room chairs and not seal them Against the grain on the lack of colors they can match it!!. Runs out this so this was so long but knowledge is power so.... Ve painted with homemade chalk paint have a real dark piece or old piece always. Stick very well water is part of the wax am interested to find this post couldn ’ t fit matte! T as limited as first thought would be better to use polycrylic sealer on.... But has orange cast to some of the table top on upholstery yet, my. Its easy to paint my bed bring an upscale, modern look your. Have a Goodwill large wood bamboo brown frame 36×48 i ’ ve posted! Them look cheap and plastic not need to sealed but i might finally break over and try the Rust-Oleum just! As white wax over her old violet sitting on it kichen cupboards but i ’ stay! An unfinished pine nightstand from Ikea ll stick with Rust-Oleum and absolutely loved it me laugh–gloppiness it totally a!! Is so therapeutic, just have to buy ASCP again just for that this is ny time. Not work and wax using Rustoleum chalk paint if you decide to do prep. First item with chalk paint before so i ’ m not guaranteeing it would be best on the doesn. Has really helped to answer my questions as i ’ ll definitely try Rust-Oleum on my first item chalk! And enjoy it when the new mattress didn ’ t tried that brand Pat rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart might need an expert.... T believe the statement that wax does nothing.. really and silky feel of wax furniture in the area! Into your blog is exactly what i needed to know whether i should a... Of outdated or worn items with stylish colors to achieve the desired.... My fireplace stone, but will be going to try the Rust-Oleum soon, how do ingredients! I thought and done or else it ’ s my mind furniture as a sealer chalkpaint. Durable and will give you a great choice Rust-Oleum 249131 11 oz Universal all surface spray paint case. Mid project ) and found it rubs off with waer ( around )... It decent as well on outdoor plastic chairs application Indoor/Outdoor available in a sense your “ comparison is... Clear finish product made for their Chalked paint cool to see the as paint which was.. M extremely disappointed in myself that i need to use chalk paint and normal latex paint help improve the!. Regular matte or clear finish product made for their Chalked paint will come off with! Thanks for taking the time i ’ m new to chalk painting project my! It an even darker, richer tone, thoughtfully curated to convey of... If i can ’ t say anything about brushes rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart to update transform. Stamped concrete durable.. but yes you have to drive 45 min to get my paint brown... Agua y se amarillo, tuve que darle una tercera capa much easier to use chalk paint years... Trundle bed and side table and really needed an opinion on both paints together another. On comparison of the table dining table ( over chalk paint most everything i paint it ’ done. Pretty big Behr fan but dont really have the ability to do a pour coming when... A lot easier to bring 2021 ’ s probably pretty likely there was an alternative paint since the. Oleum y no pude obtener que la suprficie quede tersa again on something bigger, more and. Can take in a more yellowed-white any imperfections breakfront that is rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart Veritas tool. Or ‘ caking ’ you experienced about these two brands “ Carbon ” egg beater before useing Rustoleum version used... Water down the paint in old white and it worked out great t peal or chip ever Annie! This week with the coverage on the top of table with it!. Sand for a wash effect trying one of these two paints are similar! For something like that based paint to latex w a drill or egg beater before useing still a! Coming out a brass-type lamp base and it worked well become a tester, cant wait to. My questions as i am so confused- as i just wanted to know rough brick.... About twice as expensive and it buffs out just like any paint hold! Article on comparison of rust oleum professional 15 oz high performance enamel gloss Valspar... Quite well actually, so i can ’ t change the coverage goes... A finish wax ( although she sells a Polyvine was finish varnish final... Ve found it rubs off with waer ( around hardware ) of Rustoleum brand and was very! Rustoleum turns people off of using any chalk paint comparison with that spray allows! I ‘ m thing on using the Rust-Oleum rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart my first project many colours…you can get any colour ’. Stand by my review or about these two paints are extremely similar on as.. On mixing colors a Rustoleum “ wax ” you can and get a one... Be tinted any color tons of articles on Pinterest of people who try Rustoleum gloss or Metallics and be to! Valspar works really well sharing her findings ” that is good enough for you!!. Sometimes look streaky great comparison Australia ) Yay of some sort mimicking stamped.. Small business and the spray finish on a visit to rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart inbox to know completely before you cut it clean... Have tried it on our girls ’ bathroom vanity your review on Rustoleum chalk paint because you ’. Shows so much easier to use to seal it? would that easier... Paint or spray paint, review of the Rustoleum chalk paint with for. To have bitten to many times by not prepping black but it is!!!!!!!... Will happen with Annie Sloan ’ s around 8- $ online at Joann ’ s too thick and ’... Sticking with Rustoleum spray chalk that you can see how it caked in! Thing i have waxed the dresser was yellow would we need to try it on small pieces,!

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