Spanish Travel Magic

Learn Travel-Related Vocabulary in Basic Spanish for When You Travel


Planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country? Like to eat out in Spanish and Mexican restaurants? Whether your travel or eating experience is personal or business related, Language Guy’s Spanish Travel Magic is for you. With Spanish Travel Magic, you learn the practical basics of Spanish while you acquire specific travel-related vocabulary, which will prove priceless for any traveler in a Spanish-speaking country. Learn to buy tickets, ask and give directions, order food, and other hotel and travel specific material.

Here are just a few of the excellent features of this amazing program:

  • Always understand while you learn with American multilingual expert language teacher Language Guy® Mark Frobose guiding you through Spanish in plain English.
  • A variety of educated native Spanish speakers work with Mark to teach you their language, authentic Spanish, the way it’s really spoken.
  • Learn to speak your own original Spanish sentences within the first 10 minutes of the program.
  • Remember more of what you learn with the best built-in memory technique in the industry.
  • Experience the freedom of learning languages everywhere with Language Guy’s all-audio programs – nothing to look up.
  • English translations and explanations come immediately with all Spanish instruction so you learn fast and without stress.