Spanish 2 For The Road

Learn Spanish While on the Go—While Driving, Waiting on a Train, or Standing in Line


Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish but just couldn’t find the right program, enough time, or a good place to practice? With Language Guy’s new Spanish 2 for the Road, your language learning worries are now over forever.

With Spanish 2 for the Road, you’re finally given a fast, easy, and fun way to learn authentic Spanish while you drive in the privacy of your car or from any location. Spanish 2 for the Road frees you of the necessity of trying to learn Spanish while tied to a computer, shackled to a classroom desk, or paying big bucks for a private instructor.

With Spanish 2 for the Road, for the first time ever, you are able to learn to speak Spanish naturally while on the go, while driving to and from work, while waiting on a train, or even while standing in line at the supermarket. By turning your otherwise wasted downtime into language learning uptime, Spanish 2 for the Road becomes your constant Spanish teaching companion. You’ll learn so much so fast that you’ll always be looking forward to your next lesson.

Mark Frobose, the Language Guy®, talks you through the basics of the Spanish language while his trained and educated native Spanish speakers teach you to communicate, speak, and understand authentic Spanish and speak it just like the natives do.