Power French 3 Accelerated

Master Spoken French at an Advanced Level


If you want to master the basics and then move on to really master spoken French at an advanced level, then Power French 3 Accelerated is for you. Developed by the experts at LanguageAudiobooks.com, Power French 3 Accelerated brings to you the following outstanding benefits:

  • High Frequency French Vocabulary,
  • Idiomatic Expressions Known Only by the French Themselves,
  • Complex Verb Tenses Taught Naturally Like You Learned English as a Child,
  • Subjunctive Tense,
  • Passé Composé,
  • Futur Proche in Context So You Really Learn How to Use It Conversationally,
  • Plus-que-Parfait, Imparfait, Conditionnel, Used in Native Context
  • and More!!!