Power French 3 Accelerated

Master Spoken French at an Advanced Level

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If you want to master the basics and then move on to really master spoken French at an advanced level, then Power French 3 Accelerated is for you. Developed by the experts at LanguageAudiobooks.com, Power French 3 Accelerated brings to you the following outstanding benefits:

  • High Frequency French Vocabulary,
  • Idiomatic Expressions Known Only by the French Themselves,
  • Complex Verb Tenses Taught Naturally Like You Learned English as a Child,
  • Subjunctive Tense,
  • Passé Composé,
  • Futur Proche in Context So You Really Learn How to Use It Conversationally,
  • Plus-que-Parfait, Imparfait, Conditionnel, Used in Native Context
  • and More!!!