Mexican Spanish Accelerated

Speak Mexican Spanish Without Guessing at Meanings


Mexico has more Spanish speakers than any country in the world, and Mexican Spanish is by far the most important form of Spanish spoken today in the United States. At last, you now have the opportunity to learn to speak and understand real Mexican Spanish quickly and easily, and in your spare time. Language Audiobook’s Mexican Spanish Accelerated features an expert English speaking language instructor who is assisted by educated native male and female Mexican speakers who quickly teach you their language the way it is really spoken.

  • Immediately use English to speak Mexican Spanish without guessing at meanings
  • Learn from expert American Instructor with real Mexican Spanish speaking assistants
  • Learn high frequency words and phrases that are the most common and easy to use
  • Use your otherwise wasted down time to learn to speak real Spanish in just 10 minutes a day
  • Create your own original sentences in Mexican Spanish in the first ten minutes of instruction!
  • No grammar – Learn Spanish naturally like you learned English as a child!