Latin American Spanish for Conversation – Level 2

Learn Latin American Beginner-Level Spanish for Conversation


Today I am going to share how to take your first big step toward becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish. All it takes is a few minutes of your time, every day, to speak and understand authentic conversational Spanish and build fluency – one lesson at a time.

Please remember this: None of the language programs you’ve been using are focused on fluency. Even the best language programs are pattern rich, but poor in vocabulary and memory. They’re focused on making you feel good; you go away speaking a couple of sentences that you may entirely forget. I have a better system, a superior approach. It’s called Automatic Fluency.

Using my Automatic Fluency programs does not guarantee fluency, but it does guarantee you the best fluency-building training in the industry. Yes, only my Automatic Fluency programs have the advantage of real fluency building with vocabulary rich and memory rich simplicity. They’re all audio for maximum learning flexibility. All programs teach the same high frequency language that native speakers use, and all use my original spaced memory repetition, allowing you to use your own creativity while enhancing your language memory. Just as important, only my Automatic Fluency programs teach you enough high frequency vocabulary to truly build fluency and enough interval memory practice to really make it stick. My unique, proven fluency approach is built into each and every Automatic Fluency program.

Fluency-building features include:

  • High frequency language: allows you to communicate faster
  • Memory-enhancing retrieval techniques: lets you remember the words while you learn
  • Cutting edge original sentence creation techniques: speak your own mind in a comfortable way that is natural to you
  • Complete listening guide & free eBook included.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.