Conversational Latin American Spanish – Level 1

Start Speaking Spanish Within Minutes of Using This Program


Did you know that the total number of Spanish speakers in Latin America exceeds 600 million, while Spain’s Spanish speakers number only around 65 million?

Latin American Spanish is by far the most spoken and therefore, the most important Spanish you can learn. And finally you have the opportunity to learn to converse in this most important and useful form of Spanish with Conversational Latin American Spanish.

Expert language teacher Mark Frobose talks you through this intense and enjoyable program in English while several trained native female and male Latin American Spanish speakers teach you to actually converse in authentic Latin American Spanish. This highly acclaimed method is so easy and so fast that you’ll be conversing in Latin American Spanish within minutes of receiving your program, and enjoying the process! Conversational Latin American Spanish will dramatically speed up the time it takes you to learn Spanish and allow you to take advantage of your otherwise wasted down time to learn and practice the art of conversation in authentic Latin American Spanish.

  • Learn from expert American Instructor with real Latin American assistants
  • Learn high frequency words and phrases that are the most common and easy to use
  • Use your otherwise wasted down time to learn to speak real Latin-American Spanish in just 10 minutes a day
  • Begin conversing in Latin American Spanish in the first ten minutes of instruction!
  • No grammar – You learn Spanish naturally, like you learned English as a child!