Bite-Sized Mandarin Chinese in Ten Minutes a Day

Learn to Speak Mandarin Chinese in Only Ten Minutes a Day


Fast – Easy – Effective
My trained native Mandarin speaker and I can show you how to speak Mandarin Chinese faster and easier than you ever thought possible, from any location, and during your otherwise wasted down time with my #1 rated Bite-Sized Mandarin Chinese audio program.

10 Minutes a Day Is All You Need
With this fast and easy-to-use audio program, you begin immediately to speak authentic Mandarin in just 10 minutes a day, using your otherwise wasted down time. Time you spend waiting in traffic, on trains, for the dentist, from any location! And 10 minutes a day is all you need!

Here’s the Secret
With Bite-Sized Mandarin, you simply learn to speak easy but powerful bite-sized pieces of your new language during your daily down time. A professional American instructor explains everything to you in English, while a trained native Chinese speaker teaches you Mandarin the way it’s really spoken. You then learn how to put the tiny pieces together into easy but powerful and original Mandarin sentences that you easily speak and the natives understand!

  • Immediately use English to speak Mandarin without guessing at meanings
  • Learn from an expert American Instructor with a real Mandarin Chinese speaking assistant
  • Learn high frequency words and phrases that are the most common and easy to use
  • Use your down time to learn to speak real Mandarin in just 10 minutes a day
  • Create your own original sentences in Mandarin in the first ten minutes of instruction!
  • No grammar – Learn Mandarin naturally like you learned English as a child!

Learn While Driving, at the Gym, From Any Location
You don’t need a computer, an hour or even a half hour of free time. You learn Mandarin Chinese while waiting or while on the run, from any location, for pennies a day, one easy bite at a time. Remember. Just 10 minutes a day from any location will do the trick. Order now!