Our Method

Language Audiobooks uses a unique language method which was developed by its founder Mark Frobose over a period of 32 years of teaching, research and practice. The key elements of the method are:

  • English Speaking Teacher & Guide
  • Trained Educated Native Instructors
  • Dynamic Original Sentence Creation
  • Simple Non-Grammatical Approach Combines Formal & Natural Language Learning Techniques
  • Breaks Down Language Into Small Understandable Pieces That You Learn and Build On Quickly
  • Periodic Retrieval Memory Technique
  • High Frequency Vocabulary

Mark explains and instructs the learner in English while the trained native speakers teach their language and accent in a natural authentic fashion so that the student learns to speak and understand their language the way it is really spoken.

Language Audiobooks’ founder and CEO Mark Frobose is an expert multilingual language teacher who created the entire language audio line for Macmillan Audio of New York including the bestselling “Behind the Wheel Spanish” program. For over a quarter of a century, Mark has created and produced more successful audio language programs than any other living individual in the world today. Google “MarkFrobose” for details.

“I know how it feels to not understand a foreign language,” says Mark. “That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping others learn languages quickly and easily, and from any location.”